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World first! plant minerals-made terahertz functional water

We extracted Mesoscopic structure from plants and soil minerals. Then fusing the minerals into water, and creating a practical terahertz technology. 

Unlike other infrared emitting materials such as tourmaline, zeolite, rare-earths elements and charcoal, it is the only aqueous material in the world that generates terahertz waves.

We call this special water as QQ Water.

メソ構造, ミネラルメソ構造, 植物ミネラル

Proprietary extracting technology of meso structured minerals

The middle world between atomic micro-structure and macro-structure is called "mesoscopic structure".
We focused on research this mesoscopic and found that atoms in this structure have a characteristic of
self-electromotive force.

By further dissolving the mineral of meso-structure in water, we manufactured the terahertz emitter in the dispersed state of the mineral. The minerals with meso-structure can emit electrical energy by themselves, and it do not require external power or heat. The minerals with this unique property, by using their own electrical energy, provide an effective energy to the object.


Both are calcium. However, the calcium in the meso-structure (left figure), which is the intermediate stage in the transition from the micro to macro state, has a large surface area and hydrogen-absorption and electric-discharge (electrogenic) properties. When this calcium is in the macro state (right figure), it forms a crystal with a small surface area and loses the properties of the meso-structure.

Electric field generation

The meso-structure mineral of QQ water have polar dielectric properties. It has both positive pole and negative pole.
Therefore, it is able to capture and release free electrons in space. Thereby generating electromotive force by itself to form an electric field circuit. In result, it can do electrolysis without electrolyte. Moreover, base on the circuit to emit terahertz wave.

テラヘルツ, テラヘルツ電場

Positive pole 

Negative pole

The capture and release of free electrons in the space, thereby forming an electric field circuit.

Terahertz technology where scholars from all over the world are competing for researching

Terahertz wave is an electromagnetic wave area located between radio waves and light, combining the characteristics of both radio waves and light.

テラヘルツ, テラヘルツ波長
テラヘルツ, テラヘルツ波長

Terahertz wave

Electric waves


sub-millimeter waves

far infrared ray

Visible rays

UV rays









Number + μ ~ submillimeter wave

Activate intermolecular motion

(Biomolecular Mutual Motion Wavelength)

6μ to 14μ

Reducing and activate
water molecule movement


QQ technology do not have any side effects on humans and animals and plants

All materials of QQ water are extracted from plants and soils, it do not contain any chemical medicine insight. As it consists only water and minerals, there is no persistence such as chemical reaction or chemical action to the object.

QQ Water follow the phenomena that the natural world is doing. It is our policy that we do not do create an action that the natural world does not do.

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