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Tera Pure SOD-717  

Radical solution for skin troubles

​What is Tera Pure?​

SOD enzyme water

In short, QQ water is “water with beneficial activities most suitable for human skin tissues”. Similar to SOD enzymes, it can eliminate harmful oxidative agents, namely reactive oxygen species, thereby creating anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative effect on the body surface.

Tera Pure is made from high quality plant materials, and prepared by a unique physical processing method using soil minerals as catalysts. Because of this unique physical processing, Tera Pure becomes able to immobilize constituent minerals on the skin surface, thereby generating electric energy and terahertz waves. These exert SOD enzyme-like actions, which, in combination with the reducing action of water, result in anti-oxidation and anti-inflammation effects upon the skin.

Antioxidant function of SOD enzyme

The meso structure of minerals has a self-generated electric field. Base on this characteristics, Tera Pure can constantly eliminate excess free radicals in the body and solve various skin problems.

Activation of skin

Minerals emit terahertz wave which vibrant in the dermal layer and subcutaneous tissues, promote blood circulation and aid skin activation.

Suppressing inflammation of chemicals and UV

The meso structure of sulfur works to suppress inflammation.

Moisturizing effect

Restoring the cysteine acid structure which is necessary to make skin keeping soft and smooth.

Mechanisms of skin troubles:
excessive active oxygen species


Loss of electrons


Free radical


Energy conversion of in body becomes unstable due to external factors such as UV rays, chemical substances, pollutants, internal factors such as disorder of hormonal balance, nutritional deficiency and so on. At this time, free radicals (aka active oxygen) commonly known as reactive oxygen are generated.


Free radicals are very unstable because the number of electrons is insufficient. Therefore, it tries to make balance by robbing the electrons from other cells in the body.




Thus, the free radical will cause a chain destruction for human cell. When damage by repeated attacks exceeds cell-repair ability, DNA is damaged, resulting in cell dysfunction, causing further problems such as inflaming or skin cancer.

Human cells, which are deprived of electrons by free radicals, turn into unstable cells. And it will  capture electrons from other cells.

SOD enzyme eliminate free radical


Medical findings have revealed that free radical cause 90% of non viral diseases of skin. Tera Pure produces its own electric field with a special mineral structure that emit electrons continuously. This action eliminates free radicals in the body and protect human cells.

Reproducing the sulfur component of cysteine


Sulfur is an indispensable element for the human body, exists in various cells, and plays an important role in maintaining cell function.

However, due to the influence of ultraviolet rays and chemistry, sulfur is lost from the cell, and the three-dimensional structure of the cell is broken. This leads to symptoms such as inflammation.

Tera Pure succeeded in anti-inflammatory action and skin rebuilding by reproducing the meso structure of sulfur in the three-dimensional structure of the cell.

Reproducing the sulfur component of cysteine


外界からの影響が原因となり、皮膚は炎症を起こすことがある。 そこで界面活性剤によって惹起される皮膚炎症に対する塗布物の作用を、炎症指標の一つである角層プラ スミン活性測定により検証した。 その結果、界面活性剤によって増加するプラスミン活性において、被験品「テラ・ピュア」処置部では被験品 無処置部と比較して有意に低い値を示した。 このことより「テラ・ピュア」は、刺激物による肌の炎症を低減させる作用があると考えられた。

Verification of Tera Pure’s effect


【1】 A woman in her fifties: Rash and itching lasting over 10 years
Affected by psoriasis vulgaris for over 10 years. Strong itching severely disturbed sleep, and powder-like skin debris covered the bed in the morning. A cleansing reaction was observed soon after the use of Tera Pure, but the condition was alleviated within 4 months.


【2】 25-year-old women: rough hands with chemicals

A hair designer in Niigata who has been suffering from rough hands for many years. After using Tera Pure for 2 weeks everyday, the syndrome of rough hand was alleviated. She did not take other medicine, only used Tera Pure and Vaseline when she feel itch. 


【3】 A 31-year-old woman: Itchy erosions due to stress and other factors

In three years ago winter, itchy erosion developed on the neck and around the ears and eyes due to work-related stress and dryness in the room, which was heated by a gas heater. Conditions were temporary alleviated with steroids and anti-allergy agents, but problems recurred repeatedly. However, skin conditions were alleviated within three months after
Tera Pure use was begun in 2009.

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