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Tera Pure H  SOD-H

​Newest terahertz scalp care technology

Tera Pure H is..

Our unique terahertz technology for scalp care, which create an environment for against chemical damage on scalp. In addition, it contains adenosine, the source of ATP, which is essential for hair growth. It makes hair beautiful and strong.

Generating of active oxygen

Pure H1.png

Active oxygen

Energy conversion of in body becomes unstable due to external factors such as UV rays, chemical substances, pollutants, internal factors such as disorder of hormonal balance, nutritional deficiency and so on. At this time, free radicals (aka active oxygen) commonly known as reactive oxygen are generated.

Causes of dirty scalp

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Scalp dirt

There are various causes, such as invisible dust, pollen, and sebum not being washed away properly. However, in addition to these causes, the scalp environment deteriorates due to chemicals such as shampoos, colorants, perms, and styling agents.


Loss hair

thin hair


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Reactive oxygen generated in the body causes inflammation and allergies of the scalp. Moreover the deterioration of the scalp environment will cause various problems such as hair loss and thinning hair, lack of elasticity and stiffness, and gray hair.

Improving scalp environment to solve scalp problems

pure H4.png

The mesoscopic mineral contained in Tera Pure H has a self-generated electric field due to its characteristics. This electric field is used to eliminate active oxygen in the body.

Tera Pure H also adjusts the mineral balance inside and outside the skin cells due to its high penetrating power. By creating a balance of negative ions, it helps to improve the scalp environment by adjusting the moisturizing effect and texture of the skin surface.

The most natural and safe ingredient to protect hair


UV and dyeing

Permanent damage

Tera Pure H contains plenty of sulfur components and generates terahertz waves to strengthen the hair.

It do not contain any chemistry medicine.

It can be expected to preserve the cystine itself that make the keratin on the protein of hair surface, and to strengthen and stabilize the bond between cystines.

Tera Pure H is structurally stable by the S-S bond between cystine

Keeping scalp and hair healthy

Keeping scalp and hair healthy


Keeping scalp and hair healthy

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