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テラ シュシュ,消臭,除臭,靴の臭い,たばこくさい

Tera Shushu  A10A-717

Chemical Free Future-oriented Disinfectant

What is Tera Shushu?

Electrical power from minerals decomposes odor-causing substances, and the odor-eliminating effect continues after the water dries


This is different from current methods for odor elimination, such as masking, acid-alkali neutralization, or adsorption. This is the newest deodorant water, which fundamentally decomposes bad smells.


The water can be applied to humans and animals directly, since it does not contain any chemicals.

テラ シュシュ,消臭,除臭,靴の臭い,たばこくさい

Efficacy continues after eliminating smell

Harmful gases that cause allergies is decomposed

Possible to apply humans directly

Purify air

No chemical byproducts remain

Mechanism of Tera Shushu

Our original minerals have their own electric field and possess self-electromotive force. They generate specific terahertz waves between 6 and 14 micrometers. When water molecules absorb this terahertz radiation, they start reductively activating, and react with hydroxyl ions ionized by the electric field, ultimately producing hydroxyl negative ions. As a result, hydroxyl negative ion (H₃O₂⁻ ) is generated. H₃O₂⁻ has a hydrolytic action, and by decomposing odor molecules to atomic level, the cause of odor can be eliminated.

テラ シュシュ,消臭,除臭,靴の臭い,たばこくさい
テラ シュシュ,消臭,除臭,靴の臭い,たばこくさい

The meso-structure minerals
emit Terahertz wave.

Water molecules resonate and vibrate, then H₂O is decomposed into H⁺ and OH⁻.

OH⁻ and H₂O combine to H₃O₂⁻ in the air.

テラ シュシュ,消臭,除臭,靴の臭い,たばこくさい

Due to mutual attraction, the odorous H⁺ ion combines with H₃O₂⁻.

The odor molecule loses H⁺, returns to
the state of nitrogen and hydrogen, and disappears into the air.

H₃O₂⁻returns to water molecules by obtaining H⁺ ions.

Throw away the past deodorizing technology

So far, methods such as masking method and acid alkali neutralization method are the mainstream in the deodorization. However, chemical reaction are generated after deodorization, and some of them are harmful. In this aspect, Tera Shushu's hydrolysis method breaks down the basics of the molecular chemistry, so there is no any chemical reaction left after deodorization. It is a totally safe technology.

テラ シュシュ,消臭,除臭,靴の臭い,たばこくさい
テラ シュシュ,消臭,除臭,靴の臭い,たばこくさい

Odors are actually solid substance, but not only gas in the air. It also adheres to the surface of the object.  

Conventional deodorizing technology has used masking method, acid alkali neutralization method, etc. to cover odor.

Our technology uses terahertz waves to completely decompose the odor by hydrolyzing water molecules in the air.

テラ シュシュ,消臭,除臭,靴の臭い,たばこくさい

However, when the odor has not been resolved, it will be more difficult to remove it. Because the conventional technology might make odor substances sink  into deeper place of the subject.

In addition, after deodorizing, the effect will sustaining, and even if a new odor occurs, it can be decomposed continuously.

World's first terahertz function water for deodorization

テラ シュシュ,消臭,除臭,ペットの臭い,靴の臭い,

Deodorization work at the University of Tokyo Animal Medical Center!
Direct spraying anywhere on the skin and eyes of animals is completely harmless.

Resolve dirt and odor that can not be addressed with existing technology!
Domestic large supermarket -Deodorized the smell of tobacco in the smoking room.

テラ シュシュ,消臭,除臭,靴の臭い,たばこくさい

Continuing of deodorizing effect


When the deodorization of Tera Shushu test was performed on the car, the odor concentration decreased significantly.

Safety deodorant water

Acute toxicity


LD50 shows the level of acute toxicity; how many grams/weight 1 kg is necessary to kill 50% of a given specimen. The more the LD50 higher, the more the toxicity is low. The result shows Tera Shushu is safer than salt.

Fish venson test・TLm(24 hours)


TLm (24 hours) shows lethal concentration for 50% in 24 hours. The larger the TLm, the lower the lethality. TLm of Tera Shushu is 98,000, which is totally safe for normal use. This result shows that Tera Shushu can be disposed to rivers, lakes, or the odeesocean or lake.

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